Komodo to Bali Sailing Cruise, 7 Days 2016

This 7 day cruise embarks from Bali and explores the interior of east – Lombok, the magical crater – lake of Satonda in Sumbawa and includes a visit to the Komodo National Park, which is not only known as the home of the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, but also for the incredible marine diversity found in the rich, current – swept reefs and open water surrounding the Park. This adventurous cruise offers a cross – section of uninhabited islands, quiet coastal villages, towering active volcanoes, tribal rituals and a world of kaleidoscopic beauty underwater.

Emerald seas, megalithic cultures, colourful market places and tribal rituals will saturate your senses before and after your encounters with the most formidable of all terrestrial creatures, the Komodo Dragons. You feel you are observing prehistoric times when standing eye to eye with this last relative of the saurians. The leisure part of your visit of the National Komodo Park includes snorkelling, beach combing and hiking at some of the most beautiful locations Indonesia has to offer. Entering the Flores Highlands you have an opportunity to hike to some remote villages and witness the tedious process of ‘ikat’ weaving, practiced amid unsurpassed scenery of gigantic volcanoes, bamboo forests and intriguingly coloured crater lakes. It is the very best introduction to the soul of Indonesia.


2016 Departure:

OP1604FB01:  Apr 11 – Apr 17, 2016
OP1604FB02:  Apr 30 – May 6, 2016
OP1606BF04:  Jun 11 – Jun 17, 2016
OP1607FB05:  Jul 8 – Jul 14, 2016
OP1606BF05:  Jul 29 – Jul 5, 2016
OP1608BF07:  Aug 9 – Aug 15, 2016
OP1609FB08:  Sep 6 – Sep 12, 2016

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01 / Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Flores
We start from the airport in Bali with an early morning flight to Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. Upon arrival we will go by bus to the interior of the island and the village of Melo where we will have an opportunity to witness the local ‘strongmen’ performing the traditional Whip Dance. This is a great test of daring and skill for which the men of the western portion of Flores are famous. Two men, protected by rattan shields, accompanied by an orchestra of local instruments, hit each other fiercely with a rattan whip. Lightning quick moves defend each from the objective…to inflict a wound on the back of the other. The winner is loudly applauded and cheered by the village. After our visit to Melo we will return to Labuan Bajo where you will get your first glimpse of the stately. We will have plenty of time to settle in, have a safety briefing and get acquainted with the crew and fellow passengers as we cruise to the small island of Kelor. On Kelor guests can choose to get in the bright blue waters for a swim or snorkel or ply the waters on one of our stand-up paddle-boards or sea kayaks. Should we choose we can then make a visit to the adjacent island of Kukusan where we meet a settlement of the Bajao people known as ‘sea-gypsies’ who build their homes on stilts over the clear blue waters. Historically, Indonesia has had many nomadic tribes often referred to as ‘sea-gypsies’ due to the fact that they mainly traveled and lived in boats. On Kukusan we get a glimpse of how the formerly nomadic Bajao have adapted to life on land.
Day 02 / Loh Buaya, Rinca Island
Today we will visit the ranger station of Loh Buaya on Rinca Island for our first possible encounter with the infamous Komodo Dragons. This dry and rugged island is well-known for its diverse wildlife, apart from dragons, we may spot monkeys, wild buffaloes and deer and from the top of the hills, the scenery is spectacular. After returning to the Ombak Putih we will cruise to a unique beach, called ‘red-beach’ because of the particles of red coral mingled with the sand. Here we will swim and snorkel over one of the ‘richest’ reefs in Eastern Indonesia. It is a lovely display of the variety of coral and marine life in the region.
Day 03 / Komodo Island, Land of The Dragon
We wake up with the boat at anchor off Komodo Island, one of the approximately 80 islands that make up the Komodo National Park. We will go ashore at the ranger station in Loh Liang for an early morning ranger-led trek through the park searching for these giant lizards. In this almost savannah-like setting of dry, rugged landscape we will encounter, at a distance, these awe-inspiring creatures. During lunch we cruise past Makassar Reef towards Gili Lawa Darat, the northernmost island in the park. Guests who’d like to go ashore can hike to the summit of one of the islands’ hills where the horizon opens up to a complete vista overlooking all eighty islands of the Komodo Archipelago and the mainland of Flores. The sight of the long white sandy beaches with clearly visible coral formations, the savannah-like landscape of Komodo Island and volcanic island silhouettes in the background is a unique photo op and a cherished memory for many guests.
Day 04 / Gili Banta
In the morning we have our breakfast off the beach of Gili Banta, uninhabited and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Following this daily excursion among underwater creatures, we will proceed to Wera on the east coast of the island of Sumbawa where the men build boats along the black sand shores and the village women spend days weaving brightly colored cloth called ikat. Here we will visit the village and see hand-crafted vessels in various stages of construction. We can also stroll through the village and spend some time with the friendly local people. Tonight we will relax on the deck as we continue west toward Satonda.
Day 05 / Satonda magical Lakes & Moyo Island
Today we reach the island of Satonda with its crater-lake and beautiful coral gardens along the coastline. Located just a couple of miles off the northwest coast of Sumbawa, Satonda is an extinct volcano whose crater was filled with water when nearby Mount Tambora erupted in 1815. Scientists around the world study the unique biology of this rare saltwater lake and the view from its crater is a highlight for visitors. This was the biggest volcanic eruption in the collective memory of mankind, much larger than Krakatoa. With an estimated volume of 160 cubic kilometers of rocks and ash ejected from the volcano the following year became known as the “year without a summer” because of the effect on North American and European weather. From Satonda we cruise to the island of Moyo. Here we will land on the west coast of the island and take a short jungle walk to a local waterfall. We can plunge in the pool at the bottom and sense the chill of the sweet fresh water. Afterwards there will be time for snorkeling on the reef. As we relax under the stars aboard the Ombak Putih we will continue our westward voyage to Lombok.
Day 06 / Island of Lombok Interior Tour
Docked in north Lombok, after breakfast we will board a local coach for a tour into the interior of the northern side of the island, an area untouched by crowds. We will visit local traditional villages, and experience the culture of the Sasak people that are indigenous to the island. We will re embark the ship in the west of Lombok, and cruise towards the island of Tangkong. In the early evening you will be treated to a quintessential experience and a highlight for many guests. On a deserted island with your feet in the sand and the stars rising in the vast Indonesian sky the crew will build a bonfire and prepare a beach barbecue as a final celebration of our memorable voyage. While you sleep the Ombak Putih will cruise further west.
Day 07 / Bali
Depending on weather conditions we will either visit the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan or Amuk Bay in Bali to make time for a final swim and snorkel before cruising to East or Southeast Bali where we will disembark and say goodbye to the crew and see you off to your next destination.


  • Full board meal
  • English speaking guide service
  • Free flow coffee and tea
  • Use of our water activities equipment (snorkel, fins, goggles, sea canoe)
  • Limited laundry.

Not Included

  • Personal expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks consumed from boat bar during the cruise
  • Domestic airfares (unless mentioned included)

Liveaboard Accommodation

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OP1604FB01:  Apr 11 – Apr 17, 2016
OP1604FB02:  Apr 30 – May 6, 2016
OP1606BF04:  Jun 11 – Jun 17, 2016
OP1607FB05:  Jul 8 – Jul 14, 2016
OP1606BF05:  Jul 29 – Jul 5, 2016
OP1608BF07:  Aug 9 – Aug 15, 2016
OP1609FB08:  Sep 6 – Sep 12, 2016

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How to get to port

Port of Embarkation : BALI (DPS) | Port of Disembarkation : Labuan Bajo, KOMODO (LBJ)

  • From Jakarta
  • ​From Bali

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  • Failure of payment within the stated period will automatically give the rights to offer the berth to other participant on the waiting list.
  • Cancellations more than 90 days prior to departure: 50% refund of monies on hand.
  • Cancellations within 90-0 days prior to departure: all monies on hand are forfeited.
  • Payment shall be fully paid 90 days prior to departure.

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  • Q. Is this tour offers Diving?
    A. No this cruise is a leisure cruise, offers themed excursion and unlimited snorkeling opportunity.
  • Q. How can I arrange my flights to and from starting/end port ?
    A. Please inform us that you would like us to arrange the domestic air tickets for you
  • Q. How can i get from Airport to The boat and vice versa ?
    A. Once you arrive at starting port/end port of cruise, transfer to and from airport is include in the service.
  • Q. How much cash do i need to carry in this cruise ?
    A. Since this is a full board cruise, during the cruise you may only need money (cash in local currency) when you are purchasing souvenir. You may also needs to pay your bar bill (alcoholic drinks are not included in the service) after the cruise, you can also pay onboard the ship using Credit Card (Visa & Master Card only)
  • Q. What is Included in this cruise ?
    A. Full board meal, English speaking guide service, free flow coffee and tea, use of our water activities equipment (snorkel, fins, goggles, sea canoe), Limited laundry.
  • Q. What is not included ?
    A. Personal expenses, Alcoholic drinks consumed from boat bar during the cruise, domestic airfares (unless mentioned included).
  • Q. Do I Need Travel Insurances?
    A. Highly recommended and advisable to purchase travel insurance, please follow this link to purchase world travel insurance.
  • Q. What about safety precaution and medic ?
    A. Crew of the boat are certified for the Basic Safety Training, and they are also regularly train for medical first aid officer.
  • Q. What about emergency support ?
    A. The ship operator and us at all time monitors movement of then boat by satellite tracking device installed onboard the ship, and regularly receiving report from boat captain, should there is something emergency assistance needed, there should be a plan already, even for an airlift emergency evacuation.
  • Q. What time will the boat leave port, in case i only get the latest flight to be in the starting port ?
    A. Depends on the itinerary program, if you are arriving late, you may missed the morning attraction, boat leave at 12.00 noon, so guest able to have lunch onboard the ship. Please arrange your ticket by consulting us to assure you are not missing any program by arriving the latest.
  • Q. What time the boat will arriving at the end port?
    A. Boat will arrive early morning and depend on the itinerary whether we have morning program/attractions or not, if not we will then transfer you directly from boat to the airport for your return flight.
  • Q. Are domestic flights sometime delay and cancelled ?
    A. Though nowadays air transport departure and arrival time has been increasing in term of quality, but there is always possibility of weather-caused delay. There you could missed your connecting flight. Please have at least one day stay in Bali /Jakarta before connecting to your Int’l flight.