Bali to Komodo Luxury Liveaboard Diving Trip 11D/10N

Bali Komodo diving aboard the luxury schooner  is truly a trip to remember, as we take you to some of the most sought after diving spots in this hemisphere.

The underwater world around the string of islands from Bali to Komodo are full of surprises – Expect to swim with oceanic sunfishes & manta rays, be visited by curious dolphins every dawn, and if you are an avid photographer you’ll be spoiled by the macro life that are sprinkled along the entire journey, from mimic octopus, frogfish to rare ghost pipefishes.

Our experienced dive Instructors will bring you to all these great dive sites, that are alive with vibrant colors and teeming with marine life. If you are into big pelagics, you’ll be in for a treat as our guides bring you to nutrient rich waters which attract sharks and rays. We recently installed a Nitrox Membrane System, and our “Nautilus Lifeline” – a Marine Radio & GPS Rescue system, allow our crew to monitor each divers position at all times and maintain communication with each person underwater

In New Zealand, this tall ship won the Tall Ship race there in 1992. After a second complete refit from 1992-1993,  sailed from New Zealand to Bali calling in Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, the Sunda Island and the islands of the East Nusa Tenggara. From 1994 until today, she has been cruising regularly to the following destinations: Komodo National Marine Park, Take Bone Rate Atoll, and the Alor Archipelago.

Although rather heavy and not built for racing, she still makes good speed, if the wind comes from the side or from behind (=,>90 degrees). With winds of 15 to 20 knots, hull speed can reach 10-11 knots, which is decent speed considering the hull shape and weight.



29 Feb – 10 Mar 2016
14 Mar – 24 Mar 2016
28 Mar – 07 Apr 2016
11 Apr – 21 Apr 2016
25 Apr – 05 May 2016
09 May – 19 May 2016
23 May – 02 Jun 2016
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20 Jun – 30 Jul 2016
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01 Aug – 11 Aug 2016
15 Aug– 25 Aug 2016
29 Aug – 8 Sep 2016
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26 Sep – 06 Oct 2016
10 Oct – 20 Oct 2016
24 Oct – 03 Nov 2016
07 Nov – 17 Nov 2016
21 Nov – 01 Dec 2016
05 Dec – 15 Dec 2016
23 Dec – 02 Jan 2016


Day 1 Monday
We meet at the wooden jetty in front of the Dolphin Lodge in Serangan harbor at 08:00 A.M. and set off along the coastline of Bali, cruising overnight to Satonda Island. Spend the day relaxing on deck, and wait for the magnificent sunset over the majestic Mount Agung.

Day 2 Tuesday
Arise at your leisure for coffee on deck while your breakfast is being cooked-to-order. Once we arrive in Satonda we will head for 2 dives here, along a sloping reef. The white sandy bottom with bountiful coral outcroppings offers plenty of interesting things to see. Satonda – an old volcanic island, is famous for its salt water lake that filled the crater after the violent eruption of Mt Tambora, on Sumbawa, in 1814.

Day 3 Wednesday
Rise early today for a glimpse of the sunrise as we arrive in Gili Lawa Laut, North Komodo. The park is located in the Wallacea region, denoting the overlapping of Australian and Asian bio-geographical areas. This overlapping indicates an interesting mix of bird species! There is a splendid assortment of dive sites just outside this picturesque bay. Typically in the north we have larger schools of fish, good visibility and some current. You might want to take the opportunity between dives to hike to the top of the hill to catch a glimpse of a magnificent panorama of the entire Komodo Archipelago just on the other side. We anchor in a quiet bay for the night.

Day 4 Thursday:
A very early morning, as we head ashore by 07:00 AM to meet our ranger for a guided hike into the interior of Komodo Island, to seek out the prehistoric dragons Komodo is so well known for. This area is recognized as a World Heritage Site and also newly designated as a ‘new 7 wonder of the world’.  Once back aboard, we are served lunch outside to enjoy the beautiful view as we head to the south of Komodo. We will make a stop along the coast for diving, then continue on to Lehok Sera for a dusk dive to search for those shy and elusive mandarin fish. We anchor for the night in a picturesque bay.

Day 5 Friday
We make our way to Langkoi weather permitting, on Komodo’s south coast. We are on a mission to seek out manta rays today! We will attempt to fit in 2 dives here where these magnificent animals gracefully feed in these nutrient rich waters. After which, we move to Nusa Kode. With the towering cliff walls surrounding all sides, the landscape in this remote area is breathtaking. Get ready for your first macro dive of the trip here! After some excellent diving, we will have a shore excursion of sorts to get up close to the resident dragon population here. There will also be a night dive, and then dinner to finish off the day.

Day 6 Saturday
Mornings and evenings in Nusa Kode are a time where you can spot dragons wandering along the beach foraging for food. Monkeys, deer and lots of birds are also known to make an appearance. If sea conditions are good, we’ll be able to dive the ‘macro temple” of Cannibal Rock – a must dive for muck diving enthusiasts. During lunch we journey up back north for diving in Padar, where temperatures start to get warmer and visibility gets a bit better.

Day 7 Sunday
We leave Padar and enter an area known as ‘current city’ for our diving day. Despite the intimidating name, we are often guaranteed better visibility and larger schools of fish here! In the late afternoon, our vessel will move up north to Rinca or Wainilu. At Wainilu, opt for a short walk up a small hill for a nice view of Rinca and the surrounding islands. We anchor for the night in and there is a chance to do a night dive in Wainilu.

Day 8 Monday
We spend the morning around the northern most boundary of the Park off the uninhabited islands of Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat to dive the best sites that we saved for last! In late afternoon we leave the Park area and make our way to Banta Island where we anchor for the night. A night dive is planned here.

Day 9 Tuesday
We arrive in the volcanic island of Sangeang for some amazing diving on the flanks of this active volcano. Black sand with yellow areas (sulfur deposits). In places, gaseous sulfur seeps from the grounds, creating an underwater Jacuzzi with a warm sea floor. As we depart, the crew will put up all the sails for a brief photo opportunity and gives us a glimpse of The Ship in full glory.We sail through the night for Moyo Island.

Day 10 Wednesday
We arrive Moyo Island early this morning for 2 dives on the fringing reef. We also plan a shore excursion to the village to see the traditional houses on stilts. We visit a local school, and then take a walk through a road lined with ‘living fences’ to visit a nearby waterfall. The local guide points out teak & cashew trees as we pass through herds of goats and water buffalo. While we are gone, the crew will have washed and dried all our dive gear. This means once back aboard, we can sit back, relax, and enjoy a gourmet lunch as we head back, bound for Bali.

Day 11 Thursday
We arrive in Serangan Harbor, Bali approximately around 09:00 AM and say goodbye to our Captain and crew. Transfers can be arranged to take you to your next destination.

Please ensure your onward travels are planned to anticipate delays during cruising. Flights out should only be scheduled after 18:00 PM.




  • Crew & PADI Dive Instructor
  • Full Board Meals
  • Harbor learance
  • Ship to Shore Transfers
  • All Dives, Weights Belts, Tanks

Not Included

  • Beer, Wine, and any Alcoholic Beverages
  • Land Transfer and Land Program
  • Dive Gear rentals
  • Nitrox
  • Fuel Surcharge ( if there is any) & Laundry
  • Gratuities & Tips for Crew
  • Komodo Natioanl Park Fee (US$ 40) and Camera Fee (US$5 -15) will be collected onboard

Liveaboard Fares/Rates 2015

Full boat Charter = 27,580.- €
Master Suite = 4,160.- €/pax
Stateroom 2 and 3 = 3,710.- €/pax
Stateroom 4 = 3,260.- €/pax

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Acommodation & Facilities Onboard

The ship has four beautifully crafted air-conditioned staterooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and all the amenities of a luxury boutique hotel. Built in ‘classical yacht’ style, the interior has rich wood paneling and high ceilings.

  • The exclusive master suite is fitted with generously high ceilings, a queen size bed, sofa and work desk, as well as abundant closets and drawer space. The master en-suite marble bathroom has a spacious shower, with separate sink and toilet area.



  • Our three guest staterooms each have double bed, individually controlled air-conditioning, and en-suite bathrooms. Two of our staterooms also have a sofa which can be converted to a single bed for children or for those wishing to have separate beds.


  • Our main salon is a cozy and inviting area below deck. Relax on the sofa with a good book from our extensive library, challenge your partner to a game of chess at the game table, or write those postcards seated at one of our desks. Have the steward prepare a cocktail from our well stocked bar, also located on this level.

Gourmet Cuisines
Gourmet meals are served a la cart in the main dining salon, located on the upper level. Large windows provide a panoramic view of the vivid landscapes as we cruise through the Archipelago.

The main deck has a large table and seating area, situated under an expansive sun awning, which provides the perfect spot for enjoying the scenery while cruising. The forward deck is fitted with comfortable cushions for relaxing and sunbathing.


Two chefs on board will prepare a splendid mix of Indonesian & Western favourites. Throughout your live-aboard diving experience, you can indulge in our chef de cuisine’s signature dishes, served in an air-conditioned dining room, in the salon, or in the alfresco area on deck, under the stars. Your 4 course meals are prepared to perfection using only the freshest and finest ingredients our chef can gather from markets along the way and trusted suppliers. Our trained steward and his waiters are trained to anticipate your every needs.

Diving and dining on board the ship achieves the same quality and sophistication as your cruising experiences. If you are a lover of gourmet cuisine, you are sure to discover new culinary delights, and perfect the art of diving and diving at sea, through your daily 4 course meals.


Trained by a top Belgian master-chef, our professional chefs – Wayan & Made, ensure a sophisticated twist on the contemporary flavors of Indonesia. Seasoned by 10 years of serving on board The Ship, our main chef knows precisely how to pamper our guests with the finest seafood, aromatic local specialties, and global cuisine, guaranteed to suit their palates. By the end of your 11 day journey, you will have perfected the art of diving and dining at sea!

Cocktails !
Don’t miss the tasty snacks and home-made cakes serves daily. Another “must try” is our mixologist Agug’s famous Gin & Tonic. The Ship’s bar is stocked with cold drinks, local beers, imported wines and liquor. Ice is available at all times for ice cold beverages, or for your favorite cocktail at happy hour.

The ship

Vessel specifications:

  • Dutch Schooner / Royal Dutch Certification (Bureau Veritas)
  • Registration: Indonesian
  • Measurements: Length: 127″ / Beam: 18″ / Draft: 8″


  • Mercedes marine diesel (380 HP)
  •  3 generators from 20 kW to 65 kW
  • 2 Bauer dive compressors
  • 2,400 gallons per day Sea Recovery water maker
  • 2 aluminum dinghies with 40 HP outboard motors
  • NITROX system
  • ICOM HF transceiver (all channel)
  • Inmarsat Mini-M satellite telephone and fax
  • ICOM VHF radio
  • Full complement of navigational and safety equipment
  • “Nautilus Lifeline” (GPS tracker & communication system for divers)

Power source:
The electrical power source available on most liveaboard facilities can be intermittent to save costs, however our power source runs 24/7. Generator output is at 240 V/50 Hz, with abundant receptacles throughout the vessel in all the guest areas. Receptacles accept standard European two round pin plugs. Adapters for our UK and USA guests are available.

Safety & First Aid
The ship is equipped with Emergency Oxygen and First Aid Supplies. We also partner with a Bali based medical evacuation helicopter, which provides medical evacuations to the outer islands. The nearest decompression chamber is located in Sanglah hospital, Bali. Our vessel is connected via phone and internet to our partners and head office at all times, to help with any emergencies. Read more about our dive procedures below.

Standard Dive Procedures


Our dive team and crew are continually keeping current with updates that are in line with international safety standards & current dive procedures. Our dive procedures are adapted and based on extensive experience in the Indonesian live-aboard industry, all divers on board are asked to abide by these rules-

  • Divers that join the ship liveaboard cruise are required to have above basic diver training from an official dive agency. We recommend having a PADI Advanced Open Water cert. or equivalent. The majority of dive sites we head to are considered suitable for advanced divers, inexperienced divers with lesser qualifications may be excluded from certain dives.
  • All divers are required to bring along their most current dive certification, those not able to produce proof of training or reference will not be allowed to dive.
  • All divers are required to have a minimum of 60 lifetime dives, those that are less experienced may be excluded from certain dives, or will be required to hire a private guide based on the circumstance.
  • All divers are required to sign a liability release.
  • All divers are required to seek a Physician’s approval to dive, the approval should be no more than 12 months old.
  • We maintain a 5 to 1 certified diver to Divemaster ratio in perfect conditions. When conducting courses with less experienced divers we enforce a lower ratio for safety reasons.
  • We comfortly able to accommodates up to max 8 divers, and we only combine divers with similar experiences to ensure the best diving experience.
  • All divers are recommended to dive on enriched air, those that are not nitrox certified can get certified prior to the trip OR fit in a short course on Day 1 of your trip.

Diver following standard dive procedures Maximum depth limits are as follows:

  • Open Water Diver with under 60 dives experience – 18m
  • Advanced Open Water – 30m
  • Divers with proof of Deep diver specialty – 40m

All divers should have a personal dive computer. If you do not have one, they are available for rent on board. Sharing of a dive computer is not allowed. First Aid, Emergency Oxygen and trained O2 providers are available on board. Marine Radios, Flares and a Nautilus Lifeline System is in place as safety measures.

Deck Plan

The vessel’s deck plan was created for luxury loving divers in mind. The boutique style Komodo liveaboard accommodates up to 8 divers comfortably, in four spacious and exquisite cabins. The exquisite master suite comes with an impressive 6 ft 6′ of head room, and three lovely and equally generously spacious staterooms, as well as  a small salon as well as work stations below deck.

At deck level, The ship features a comfortable salon and dining area for guests. Adjacent to the spacious dining room, a fully equipped galley features top end BOSCH appliances from Germany. All areas below and at deck level are fully air-conditioned with individual temperature control. The upper deck houses a separate cabin for the cruise director, and the wheel house has fully compliant navigational equipment, and a spacious crew dining area. Air-conditioned crew quarters are located in a separate area in the bow of the ship.

The beautifully decorated interior of ship is a classical yacht style with rich teak wood paneling. The high ceilings throughout the vessel give an intimate, yet spacious feeling. The master suite and the two staterooms have the capability of accommodating either couples or twin share. Staterooms are fitted with individually controlled air-conditioning, and boasts decadent en-suite marble bathrooms. Available in all cabins, as well as in the salon & dining area are flat screen TV’s connected to the ship’s video and audio streaming system with access to more than 3,000 movies and 30,000 songs if you should crave any entertainment.

The main deck has a large table and a very comfortable seating area, situated under a large sun awning. This provides the perfect spot for alfresco dining and enjoying the scenery while cruising. Our comfortable seating areas on the lower and upper aft deck are very inviting, whether it be for reading, relaxing, or having one of Agung’s famous Gin & Tonic’s!

There also is an outside bathroom / WC on the aft deck, which may be used after diving, snorkeling or swimming.


Booking and Cancellation Policy


  • Our scheduled departures from Bali to Komodo begin and end in Bali, and make stops in Satonda, Banta, Komodo, Rinca, Sangeang and Moyo. Each trip itinerary is customized depending on weather and sea conditions, visibility, and of course guest preference.
  • The Ship reserves the right to change the itinerary during a trip for any reason it deems necessary (i.e. due to sea and weather conditions, or in the event that the captain feels the safety of the ship and/or Her guests are in jeopardy).

Booking and Payment for Individual Bookings:

  • Individuals can book for any of our scheduled Komodo trips, through agents or direct by e-mail. Please include passenger name, passport number, birth date, and nationality, as well as cabin preference and any special dietary restrictions.
  • A deposit of € 500 per person must be received to secure a booking. The deposit is not refundable in the event of a later cancellation.
  • Full balance is due 60 days prior to departure. If the booking is made less than 60 days prior to departure, the full payment is due upon booking.

Booking and Payment for Group Bookings:

Groups can book for any of our scheduled Komodo trips, through agents or direct by e-mail. For each member of the group, please, include: passenger name, passport number, birth date, and nationality, as well as cabin preference and any special dietary restrictions. The maximum number of passengers is 8.

  • A deposit of €500 per person is due to secure the group booking. The deposit is not refundable in the event of a later cancellation.
  • Full payment is due 90 days prior to departure. If the booking is made less than 90 days prior to departure, the full balance is due upon booking.
    Cancellations for Individual and Group Bookings:
  • All cancellations must be made by fax or e-mail. The date that The Ship receives the cancellation of the booking by e-mail or fax is the date used to determine the cancellation penalty.

Cancellation penalties for individual bookings:

  • More than 61 days prior to departure: forfeit of deposit.
  • Less than 60 days prior to departure: 100% of the individual cruise price.

Cancellation penalties for group bookings:

  • More then 91 days prior to departure: forfeit of deposit.
  • Less than 90 days prior to departure: 100% of the group charter price.
  • Once an add-in Diving Komodo Itinerary becomes fully booked and fermé for further bookings, no refunds will be given for cancellations. This information will be posted on our webpage schedule, as fully booked. Individual guests are responsible for checking the website prior to any cancellation.
  • A passenger who has booked into a scheduled Bali to Komodo trip, and who wishes to cancel, has the option to substitute another person (not already scheduled on the trip) into his space to avoid the cancellation penalty. Passenger substitution will be allowed up to three days prior to departure.
  • We will not refund any money to passengers who fail to show for boarding on the trip departure date, whether this is due to missed airline connections or from the lack of proper paperwork required to enter the country, or any other reason. If an airline connection is missed, we will make all efforts to arrange that the passenger can join the ship at some point in the itinerary. However, the cost to do so (airfare, small boat transport to the ship, or any other cost involved) is solely the responsibility of the client.
  • If the customer interrupts or cuts short a trip for any reason, we are not liable to refund any money to the customer. In cases of emergency such as personal illness or accident, we will assist in all necessary arrangements for the passenger’s return travel. However, the cost of this is to be borne solely by the passenger.
  • For these reasons we strongly recommend the purchase of trip interruption insurance and/or trip cancellation insurance.

Additional conditions for group bookings with a custom itinerary:

Group bookings that deviate from our published cruise itinerary or to another destination, will be subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

  • A repositioning fee will be added to the total cost of the cruise depending on boarding and deboarding ports.
  • A deposit of € 3,000 will be due within 10 days after booking. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a later cancellation.

Cruise price includes:

  • All accommodation onboard the vessel
  • Harbor Fees
  • All meals and snacks, soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea and drinking water
  • Tanks, weights, and weight belts
  • Experienced Divemaster

Cruise price does not include:

  • Transfers to and from the harbor
  • Komodo National Park fees or Moyo & Satonda Reserve fees
  • Rental equipment on board
  • Beer or alcoholic beverages
  • Land programs or any tours on land

Changes to rates:

While we try to avoid pricing increases after a charter has been booked, it is possible that prices could be increased. The Ship reserves the right to increase the price up until 61 days prior to departure The circumstances under which this may occur are as follows:

  • Increases in fuel costs
  • Increases in port charges
  • Currency fluctuations

Trip Cancellation by Ship

Cancellations due to Customer:
The ship operator reserves the right to cancel a booking if actions on the customer’s part give justifiable cause to do so. In such instance, the ship will refund any payments already made. the ship will not be liable for any other costs the client might have in conjunction with this booking.

Cancellations due to Force Majeure and unpredictable acts of man:
The ship reserves the right to cancel a trip for reasons of Force Majeure (i.e. natural disasters, epidemics etc.) or unpredictable acts of man (i.e. war, riots, strikes etc.). In the event of this happening the ship will contact the client as soon as a decision has been made to cancel the departure.

Trip cancellation by The Ship for other reasons: the ship reserves the right to cancel a trip for other reasons that are unpredictable and beyond our control. In this circumstance we will inform the customer at the earliest possible date, and a full refund will be issued. In the event of a cancellation, the ship will assist in trying to locate a suitable replacement vessel. Should the trip have to be cancelled, the ship will not be held responsible for any related costs (i.e. flights, hotels, or any other such costs) the client might have in conjunction with this trip.
Lastly, the ship does not offer refunds in the event of personal injury, airplane delay, mechanical breakdowns, weather, sickness, strikes, war, criminal acts, quarantine, acts of god, or if another guest requires immediate evacuation and the vessel must return to port, or any other event beyond its actual control.
Guests are strongly advised to have valid dive medical, travel- and cancellation insurances.

Damages resulting from personal injury, illness or death:

  • The ship is not responsible for any compensation for any damage that results from illness, personal injuries or death which may be sustained while on any portion of the trip, whether this is due to the ownership, maintenance, use, operation or control of any vehicle (aircraft, automobile, bicycle, boat, or any other conveyance used in carrying out these trips).
  • The shipassumes no liability for any damage whatsoever, caused by failure or delay, irregularities, acts or omissions that have been provided by owners, operators or public carriers, even if the service was for and on behalf of The ship.
  • The ship shall not be held responsible for any injury to person (whether or not resulting in death) arising out of any act of war, insurrection, revolt or other civil uprising or military action occurring in the countries of origin, destination or passage.
  • In the case of a medical problem or injury occurring during the trip, either on board or on shore, which results in costs for medical care, evacuation or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the passenger.

Certification & Disabilities:

  • Upon boarding all divers are required to show proof of dive certification, medical diving insurance such as DAN or equivalent and recent medical statement assuring that they are fit for diving (< 2 years).
  • All divers must complete a liability release waiver prior to diving.
  • Upon payment of the deposit as a diver, the client certifies that he/she does not have a mental or physical disability that would make him/her unable to safely take part in the dive program during the trip.
  • Upon payment of the deposit, the client also certifies that he/she has the diving experience to take part in the dive program and agrees to follow the instructions of the dive guide/instructor during the trip.
  • Loss or damage to personal belongings:

The ship is not responsible for any loss or damage to a guest’s personal belongings while on any portion of the trip.